Back up and Disaster Recovery

The ability to restore your files and folders when your data is ‘lost’ or corrupted is not only critical to your business being able to operate but is a requirement of GDPR.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

How do choose the right back up solution for your business

Choosing the right back up solution for your business will depend on many factors:

Do you use cloud technologies to store your data such as SharePoint?

The methods of extracting, moving, storing, and restoring data in a cloud environment are completely different from those used to backup traditional physical file servers.  Cloud-to-cloud backup is the best option for organisations using cloud technologies to store their company data as it offers the best protection and fastest recovery timeframes.

How long do you need to keep your backups?

The length of time you need to keep backups will vary based on the needs of your business as well as any regulatory obligations you may be required to meet. It is important to understand not only how often you require backups to be taken, but also for how long you need them to be retained.

Do you want fast recovery times or lower data storage costs?

Full backups enable you to recover business critical data quickly but require storage space, which can be costly. Incremental backup is more cost effective because you only backup data that has changed since the last backup, however the recovery process is more time-consuming since you need to restore both the latest full backup and the whole chain of consecutive increments. Another option is differential back up which backs up all data that has changed since the first full backup. Restore times are faster because you only need to restore the full back up and latest differential backup but requires more storage than an incremental backup strategy. These are just three of the options that you might consider and there are others. Deciding what is the best choice for your business should balance, cost and recovery speed.

How can we help you make informed choices?

We understand…

We begin by reviewing how you store your business-critical data, your current backup infrastructure, how and where you store your backups and data archives, and what your backup infrastructure costs you per annum.  We ensure we understand your data retention requirements, and the recovery timeframes you require to continue operating in the event of a business interruption event.  

Then we advise…

We will put together a strategy that is clearly costed and driven by your business requirements. We will consider whether your backup solution needs to be easily scalable, how often you need to access archive data and what recovery timeframes you need.

Finally, we deliver…

Not only can we provide a tailored backup strategy for your business, but we also have considerable experience in migrating your backup and archive data to the cloud, and in streamlining your onsite server footprint. Our solutions are always flexible, scalable, and cost-effective.

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