Cloud Computing

Cloud computing eliminates the need to buy a boxed software product or physical servers and replaces it with a subscription service.

Cloud Computing

Why should you move your data to the Cloud?

Businesses embracing Cloud technologies typically achieve cost savings, see an increase employee productivity, improve security and benefit from a more flexible and scalable approach to their IT.

Cost Savings

Cloud computing puts the control of IT spend back in your hands. It enables you to rent software applications, so you only pay for what you use via an annual or monthly subscription. It empowers you to replace obsolete and expensive physical servers with virtual machines that will never age and go end of life.

data SEcurity

It provides unparalleled security that is continuously reviewed and enhanced, deploying updates and patches without you needing to worry. It’s archiving and storage facilities are limitless in size. 


Cloud computing is predicated on only paying for what you use, so as your organisation changes you can easily turn your subscriptions up or down.


In this age of remote working, cloud technology enables you to work anywhere from any device. All you need is the Internet and you can safely and quickly access your files, folders, documents and software apps.

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How we help businesses migrate to the cloud

We offer you a proven track record in implementing Microsoft’s Cloud technologies for our clients. You will benefit from a consultancy, planning and delivery process that will be tailored to your business needs.


Small businesses and PLCs alike come to us for help. 

We have helped businesses from industries as diverse as Healthcare, Architecture, Engineering and Financial Services to migrate to Microsoft Office 365 for their email and office applications. 

We recently helped a building maintenance company streamline their server infrastructure by decommissioning ageing physical servers and migrating applications and data to Azure. We are also expert in the deployment of SharePoint and OneDrive as well as Teams and can guide you though the process of migrating your data to the Cloud.

Outsourced IT Support

Project management

Our Cloud migration projects are professionally managed from discovery, through planning and execution so that you are always reassured and kept informed. 

From our initial meeting with you through to an in-depth audit of your infrastructure and the development of your Project Plan, our services are highly professional. 

All project phases and project deliverables are contained within AutoTask, our Professional Services Automation software, so that tasks can be assigned, tracked and delivered.

Technical Know How

Our Engineers are qualified. And once they’ve taken one exam they start studying for the next.

To provide you with the right Cloud solution, be it Office 365, Teams or Azure, we need to know that technology inside out by keeping up to speed with new developments.

Technology constantly changes and with Westlake IT as your partner you can rest assured we have the know how to recommend and configure the right solution for you.

Free Audit and Cloud Migration Proposal

Get in touch to book a free audit of your existing Infrastructure and our recommendations for your journey to the Cloud.

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