Cloud computing means that small to medium-sized businesses have the ability to manage IT costs more effectively and improve employee productivity.

The key benefits of Cloud computing:

Cost savings

  • Reduced IT infrastructure costs
  • Reduced on-going maintenance costs
  • Complete IT usage scalability with no significant capital expenditure

Increased productivity

  • Work from any device, anywhere and at any time
  • Collaborate on documents in real time
  • Automatically synchronise documents across all employee devices

Service Models

  • Software as a service – software is licensed through a provider, such as Microsoft, and your team of staff have the full use of software applications such as Office 365 and can access software across the internet from any device
  • Platform as a service – all business applications can be deployed onto the Cloud infrastructure
  • Infrastructure as a service – designed for businesses with the intention to migrate their IT Infrastructure to a Cloud-based product such as Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Machine. It includes fundamental IT resources such as processing, storage and networks and provides businesses with the ability to deploy and run software, including operating systems and applications

Deployment Options

  • A private Cloud is a Cloud infrastructure that operates solely for use by a single business. It can be managed and hosted internally or by a third-party provider and is similar in its functionality to a company Intranet
  • public Cloud delivers services over a network that is open for public use. Public Cloud service providers like Microsoft and Google own and operate their own infrastructure at their company data centres and provide public access via the Internet
  • A hybrid Cloud is a composition of two or more Clouds (private and/or public) that remain distinct but are bound together to offer the benefits of multiple deployment models. A company may need to store sensitive client data on a private Cloud application but require an interconnection between that application and a business intelligence application which is provided on a public Cloud as a software service

At Westlake, we have a proven track record in migrating businesses to the Cloud and we have the experience to advise you on the optimal Cloud-based solution to meet your unique business needs. Our solution will deliver you the maximum benefit with the tightest security.

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