Migrating your email to Microsoft Office 365

Our Office 365 Cloud Migration services are tried and trusted. From our initial meeting with you through to an audit of your infrastructure and the development of your Project Plan, our services are highly professional, technical and expert. All project phases and project deliverables are contained within AutoTask so that tasks can be assigned, tracked and delivered.

Office 365 Cloud Migration

We also provide a full suite of communications resources that we tailor to you, that will support stakeholder buy-in and end-user engagement. Upon the Office 365 Cloud Migratation, we provide a text alert service that keeps your company Leadership Team briefed on the status of the migration on an hour-by-hour basis.

Email Migration to Office 365 Workflow


Migration Discovery


Migration Plan


End User Engagement







SharePoint as a File Server

SharePoint Team Sites provide an alternative to traditional physical file servers where shared data is stored. Our SharePoint Set-up Deployment Service allows our client to leverage the benefits of the increased security and accessibility of Cloud-based services.

Our SharePoint Deployment Service encompasses both the SharePoint design and the set-up and also includes the set of documents that ensure that your SharePoint site is designed using best practice principles and is implemented with a robust IT Usage Policy.

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