Monitoring & Maintenance

Our IT Infrastructure support packages provide several services which keep your systems healthy and safe. They are delivered by combining the power of our remote monitoring and maintenance software Datto (RMM), and the expertise of our Engineers.

How can automated monitoring and maintenance benefit your business?

Improve the security of your data.

Cybercrime is not confined to the working day. Automated 24/7 monitoring delivers more secure IT environments instantly alerting our Engineers of current issues and flagging potential problems. Powerful auto-responses to alerts resolve problems automatically or simplify troubleshooting by providing technicians with useful diagnostic information.

Increase the operational reliability of your IT systems and applications.

Automated monitoring and maintenance enables us to proactively remotely administer patches and install software and updates and automate many tasks and optimises the performance and reliability of your IT systems.

Minimise employee downtime.

Ensuring patches and updates are deployed is one aspect of infrastructure maintenance. Making they don’t disrupt your employees is another. Because our software is working 24/7, we schedule updates to happen at a time that suits you.

About Datto Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

Datto RMM provides round the clock monitoring and alert services. It helps us gather insights about your networks and in particular the health of your servers and PCs. It is both a proactive and reactive tool. It is an integral part of every Support Package we offer.

We configure Datto RMM to generate alerts tailored to each of our client’s needs.

Free IT Infrastructure Audit

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