Westlake warns of BREXIT impact on PC supply chain

January 28, 2019

A no-deal BREXIT could potentially affect the lead times, prices and even availability of PCs post 29th March

On 29 March 2019, the UK is scheduled to formally leave the EU and the final agreement on the terms and conditions of the UK’s withdrawal will need to be agreed by that date or the UK will potentially face a No-deal exit. On 15 January MPs voted decisively to reject Teresa May’s Brexit deal and the UK continues to live in an era of political and economic uncertainty.

Now more than ever, it is, therefore,  extremely difficult to predict what might happen, and the impact Brexit, and in particular the very real possibility of a no-deal Brexit, will have on businesses. The uncertainty that remains around our trade agreements and regulatory frameworks means that we are urging businesses to prepare for reduced stock levels, longer ordering timeframes and potentially increased costs. 

In addition to time delays, there is also the potential for price increases. While the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Information Technology Agreement promotes zero tariffs on all IT products, the UK can’t sign up to it while we’re a part of the EU. This means that should tariffs be imposed on imported IT products those costs will be passed on. 

Due to continuing levels of uncertainty we are advising businesses to review their IT infrastructure and identify any PCs or Network items such as Firewalls, that may need replacing in advance of 29 March. 

Chris Apperley, MD commented, “We’ve already communicated with our customers offering them a free Asset Audit, detailing the age and operating integrity of their Hardware infrastructure so they can make an informed decision about replacements or upgrades. We urge all businesses to do the same.”

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