Who do we help?

Your business IT systems should positively power your business, delivering the cost efficiencies and smooth performance that support your productivity. We have considerable experience in providing IT Support Consultancy in the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Engineering
  • Franchising
  • Architecture
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail

Our knowledge of these industries means we’re able to understand your business needs faster and in the case of sectors like Healthcare and Financial Services, we understand the regulatory and compliance frameworks in which you operate. This means our advice is grounded in your business reality and our proposals are appropriate and achievable.

We also have experience of helping growing businesses that are expanding either by opening new offices or acquiring other businesses.

How do we help?

We can audit your IT Infrastructure and advise you on where improvements can be made. We can provide alternative solutions for you to consider and whatever we suggest will be based on our three guiding principles; security cost containment and scalability.

As part or our evaluation of your existing IT Infrastructure we can provide IT Support Consultancy for the following aspects of your business:

Infrastructure Evolution and Cloud Migrations

How does your IT Infrastructure need to evolve in order to better help you deliver on your business goals? What business and cost advantages are there for you in deploying a cloud-based solution like Office 365? Our advice is detailed and we provide you with a Project Plan that details our deliverables. We manage stakeholder expectations regarding timelines and costs and support you with end user communications and training.

Networking Security

Do you operate from one office or across several locations? How are your systems connected and how safe are they? Our consultancy services always include threat management advice.

Asset Management & Replacement

Are your PCs ageing? Do they have correctly licensed operating systems? Are they patched and is your Office software the latest version? We can supply you with an Asset Audit and Hardware Replacement schedule.

Acquisitions and Expansion and Diversification

Some of our customers regularly acquire other business so we have a well-honed auditing process that enables us to advise you on the networking integrity of the company you are acquiring. We have other customers that are expanding rapidly and need support on setting up new offices. We can draw on a wealth of experience so whatever your ambitions we can ensure your IT Infrastructure is scalable and safe.

Data Storage

Backing up your data is of vital importance and doing so in a safe and GDPR compliant way is essential. We can advise on and deploy the right Back-up solution to fit your business needs especially using the cloud to cheaply and safely store archive data.

We can help move your business forward