Our Infrastructure support package includes a cross section of Remote IT monitoring and maintenance services. Applying these services together ensures that your systems are operating optimally at all times. Delivered through the combination of AutoTask Endpoint Management, (AEM), our monitoring and maintenance software, and the expertise of our Engineers who will interpret the data, highlight an issue and resolve it before anything becomes serious. 

Our pricing is applied on a simple ‘per server’ or ‘cloud tenant’ monthly basis.

Infrastructure Support

24x7x365 IT SUPPORT

  • Remote IT Support
  • Patches, Fixes and Workarounds
  • Liaison with Hardware Supplier or ISP Provider


  • File Restoration
  • Active Directory Recovery
  • System Continuity Stress Test


  • Server Disk Utilisation
  • Server Memory Usage
  • Network Availability
  • Messaging Availability
  • Application Availability
  • Antivirus Checks
  • Licensing Usage


  • Server Disk Utilisation for the period
  • Server Memory Usage for the period
  • Network Availability for the period
  • Messaging Availability for the period
  • Application Availability for the period
  • SLA Performance across all incidents
  • Major Outage Analysis Report
  • Backup Status
  • Security Analysis – Spam, Malware/Virus


  • A dedicated Engineer
  • A named back up Engineer

Key Benefits of Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Our Infrastructure Support Package offers key benefits for our customers:

Monitoring and alert services

AEM provides round the clock monitoring and alert services. It helps us gather insights about your networks and in particular the health of your servers and PCs. It is both a proactive and reactive tool.

  • It proactively enables us to remotely administer patches and install software and updates and automate many tasks and optimises the performance and stability of your IT systems
  • It reacts quickly to changes in your systems by detecting issues before they cause a critical system failure.

We have configured AEM to generate Alerts tailored to each of our client’s needs. AEM will automatically create an Alert Ticket and assign it to a network engineer in the event a device is not operating within specified parameters. AEM can also self-heal certain issues.

IT Backup and Disaster Recovery

Network security is achieved by combining the right products – such as Antivirus and Firewall – with a robust Backup solution and the engineering expertise to be able to ensure you are protected at all times and that should a data breach or loss occur that we are best placed to mitigate it and minimise the impact on your business operations.

IT Infrastructure Reporting

Transparency is important to us and to you.

Peace of mind can only be achieved with the evidence at your fingertips to demonstrate that your systems are safe and sound. Our reports provide a clear overview of the operating integrity of your IT infrastructure and allow us to identify trends and system weaknesses, for which we offer proactive solutions ensuring that those issues don’t impact your business’s daily operations.

Technical Key Point of Contact

You will have a dedicated IT Infrastructure Engineer whose role is to:

  • Understand your IT systems in depth
  • Ensure that knowledge is captured and shared with the Helpdesk team
  • Conduct site visits
  • Provide ongoing IT infrastructure monitoring and maintenance services

Your Technical Key Point of Contact will always be the lead Engineer on implementing IT Projects – such as migrating your IT Infrastructure to the Cloud.

We can help move your business forward