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SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams provide businesses with a set of collaboration and productivity tools that encompass secure personal and shared file storage, and meeting and chat facilities. The ability for your workforce to access data from home and the office as well as meet virtually is more important than ever. SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams give businesses incredible flexibility without sacrificing security, but it is important they are deployed using a unified approach that is driven by business need.

What is SharePoint and what are the benefits?

SharePoint is a collaboration and file storage tool that can replace your traditional File Server or ‘Shared Documents’ drive. The benefits to you are:

Anywhere, anytime access

Your people are more productive because they can access company shared-data from any location and any device.

Collaboration and productivity

Your people can share and work on documents at the same time making version control easier and reducing email traffic with large attachments.


You can decide on your Folder Structure and Permissions to ensure the right people have the right access to company data.


Data and files stored on SharePoint are protected by Microsoft 365’s encryption protocols and data is stored in secure Data Centres.

Cost savings

Physical file servers are costly to buy and maintain. SharePoint access is provided via a monthly or annual subscription which can be scaled up or down you only pay for what you use.


With a financially backed 99.9% SLA, Microsoft’s SharePoint provides exceptional reliability and uptime. To achieve the same degree of robustness in your own on-premise IT infrastructure would be costly and time consuming.
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What’s the difference between SharePoint and OneDrive?

One Drive works hand in hand with SharePoint when you deploy SharePoint as a file storage solution. It provides:

Secure private storage

Individual employees can use OneDrive to replace the My Documents functionality of their PC, ensuring their data is saved into the Cloud and not residing purely on one PC that make break, be lost or stolen.

OFFLINE access

OneDrive enables you to access files and folders stored on SharePoint even when you have no Internet by syncing your SharePoint files and folders to your device.

How should you adopt Teams?

Teams and SharePoint are separate and distinct, but they interact, and it is essential they are configured and managed using an overarching approach. Teams is a chat and meetings tool. It is not a file storage solution, but crucially Teams can be configured to act like a portal for all your Office apps including SharePoint.

Your choice for configuration of both platforms will deliver fundamentally different user experiences.

Are you a project driven company?

If so, a Teams driven solution will enable you to group all interactions in one place and access files and folders from specific Teams groups.

Are you an SME that requires a familiar folder structure with permissions?

In this option we recommend a SharePoint team site that is organised like a file server with folder hierarchies and permissions.

What is the cost of SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams?

SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Teams are purchased via a subscription to one of Microsoft’s Small Business or Enterprise Plans depending on the size of your business. Small Business is designed for organisations employing under 300 users. You can purchase either annual or monthly subscriptions for your users and you choose the product or ‘plan,’ (as Microsoft call it), depending on the features you require.

We can advise you on the right plan for your business as well as provision all your licenses, administer your account and ensure it is securely maintained.

What is the process of implementing Sharepoint and Terms?

Tailored to your business needs, our SharePoint and Teams design and deployment service is tried, tested and transparent. From discovery, through planning and execution, we will support you every step of the way.

Benefit from:

A solution that is bespoke to your business needs

Engineers qualified in Microsoft’s cloud computing technologies

Experienced project managers who can deliver on time and to budget

A solution that is secure, backed up and designed with GDPR compliance in mind.

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