Threat Protection

The growth of malware or hacking-based attacks coupled with the sophistication of phishing campaigns, means that threat protection must be an integral part of your IT strategy, if you are to protect your business assets and be able to operate at all times.

Threat Protection

Stopping an attack in its tracks

We combine the power of software tools and the experience of our Engineers to keep your email and data safe.

Minimising spam

Our relentless focus on reducing spam for our clients means less junk cluttering inboxes. This takes a combination of anti-spam policies, the ability to fine tune filter settings, a deep knowledge of what genuine emails look like for each of our clients and what risks their business and industry typically face.

Blocking malware and phishing attempts

Cyber criminals are clever, so we must be too. We combine the power of Engineering excellence, antivirus software, spam and malware policies and training to stop malware and phishing campaigns. Our spam and malware policies operate independently, double scanning potentially malicious emails and a separate investigation portal allows us to monitor attacks.

Keeping your email safe

To keep your email safe, we implement user risk and sign in policies, using Azure AD Protection, to spot and block suspicious sign in attempts.

Protecting your files and folders in SharePoint

Advanced Threat Protection helps detect and block files that are identified as malicious in team sites and document libraries. In addition, ATP Safe Links protection is now available in Microsoft Teams channels and chats.

Benchmarked compliance and security

Microsoft’s Security and Compliance Centre includes real-time reports and insights into increased suspicious activity as well as Microsoft’s Compliance Score and Secure Score tools. Microsoft Compliance Score calculates a risk-based score measuring your progress in completing actions that help reduce risks around data protection and regulatory standards. Microsoft Secure Score is a measurement of an organisation’s security posture.

Penetration testing for your email.

We use Microsoft’s Attack Simulator to run realistic attack scenarios in your organisation, including:

  • Spear phishing simulations
  • Brute force password attacks
  • Password spray attacks

This can help you identify vulnerable users before a real attack impacts your business.

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